Instant Video Pages

Instant Video Pages is a very cool piece of software that has the ability to create high-quality video-based landing pages in mere minutes.


It is very easy to operate and the fact it is web-based means that anyone can make use of it.
What Is Instant Video Pages?

By using this software you have the potential to achieve a high conversion rate that will see your sales increase and your all-round business prosper.

Instead of working with a complex software program that takes a lot of time to learn, you will have this user-friendly tool to remove all frustration and simplify the process of putting together the PC and mobile-friendly sales page.

Even if you don’t have much experience in this area, this piece of software is still a worthwhile investment because it is so easy to learn. The software will take care of the technical stuff – there is no need to have programming, designing or coding skills.

If you are searching for a way to create a high-quality landing page, bonus pages, squeeze pages, etc. with video, you are certain to be pleased by the output delivered by the Instant Video Pages tool.

Anyone that is actively involved in Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, eMail Marketing, or Product Creation will find this tool to be very useful.
What Else Is Included?

Instant Video Pages is packaged with plenty of useful features, including:
Video Background Templates

Designing a web page that looks professional isn’t the easiest thing to do. But, with this collection of ready-made templates, you will find it is very easy to build a page that has the right feel and look.
Redirecting Your Traffic

It is very easy to set up your landing pages to redirect your traffic to the preferred destination. After viewing the video, your site visitor can be conveniently directed to a web page or offer of choice, which is especially important for those involved in affiliate marketing.
Add Call to Action or Optin Forms

Any landing page created can easily include an option form which is a must-have for those looking a build a list. Additionally, there is the option to add a call to action, such as a Buy Now button which is useful for increasing sales.
Quick Customizable Options

This software is set up to make updating and customizing web pages very quick and easy. Any landing page built with this tool is only a few clicks away from being adjusted to match the needs.
Mobile Friendly

Instant Video Pages is fully compatible with mobile devices so can easily be built to work on the latest smartphones and tablets.

Brett Rutecky Instant Video pages
Brett Rutecky Instant Video pages

Pros and Cons

Let’s take a look at the major highlights and any minor issues noticed:

Very easy to use with no skills needed
Quick to modify templates
Web-based tool, so nothing needs to be installed on your PC
It builds the type of pages that convert well
A simple page is created within a matter of minutes
A relatively inexpensive tool for what you get


A reliable internet connection is a must

Is Instant Video Pages Worth It?

In short, Instant Video Pages is a worthwhile piece of software that is easy to use and simplifies the entire process of getting a video-based landing page online. It is certain to appeal to beginners that don’t yet have much experience in creating a high-quality web page.


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